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Why are out of state telemarketers so interested in you chimney?

Chimney sweeping is an unregulated industry. As such there are companies that operate outside of the standards of a certified professional. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is one such agency that certifies sweeps and companies to insure safety in a very important service. Fly-by-night companies use cold call tactics to set appointments in a targeted area and then swoop in with non-certified “technicians” to “clean and inspect” your chimney. They are paid by the number of jobs in a day so thorough cleaning and inspection, using procedures set forth by agencies such as the CSIA are not followed. They then depart the area and move on to the next. You don’t hear from them again until the next cold call, most likely under a new company name. Proper cleaning and inspection for your chimney is not a matter for a non-certified professional. Saving a couple of dollars on something so crucial to your family’s safety is simply not worth it. Therefore, you should use this list of questions when hiring a service for your chimney service needs;


  1. Are you certified?
  2. Are you insured?
  3. Are you licensed to service Connecticut?
  4. How long have you been in business?
  5. What exactly do you do when you come to my house?
  6. What towns do you service?
  7. What trade associations do you belong to?
  8. What do you charge?
  9. Will I know exactly who is coming to my house and what kind of ID will they have?
  10. Why did you become a chimney sweep?


No matter who you go with these questions are paramount to your safety. Clean Sweep Chimney Service has been in business for over 25 years and you will always be serviced by the owner Dennis Bishop a current and active member in all the relevant trade associations. He lives locally and always has. Dennis services the Greater Hartford, Middlesex and shoreline communities. The reviews he gets from his clients represent the feeling you will have knowing that your chimney has been serviced and inspected by a man who loves his craft. Say no to the cold calls and call Clean Sweep Chimney Service today.